DG Threads

DG Threads is a line of apparel created by Derek Gerard. You may know Derek from his Youtube channel where he has over 1,000,000 subscribers. 

What Does "DG" Stand For?
The "DG" in DG Threads stands for two things. 

  1. Derek Gerard. Many people may purchase something from DG Threads because they support Derek's Youtube channel and want a piece of clothing to show it.
  2. Do Good. Die Great. A great message that everyone at DG Threads strives to live by.  Our goal is to simply "Do Good".  Work hard everyday to do good for not only ourselves but others as well. This in turn will ensure that we "Die Great".

What Do We Sell?
All of our clothing has been tested and made sure to be the best possible quality. One of our biggest pet peeves is cheaply made clothing. We try our best to not only give a top notch product but also provide it at a reasonable price.

Where Do We Operate?
All orders are put together and shipped out from our high class production facility in Derek's bedroom...we eventually plan to increase our space and have a dedicated building for all orders and production.

How Long Have We Been in Business?
Our shop officially opened on November 21st 2016. The idea of DG Threads started in the summer of 2014 and Derek spent a year and a half getting designs, building our site, and making sure we have a top notch product.

Where else can you find us?
- Instagram
- Youtube
- Twitter